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Enjoy 6 coffees from different
roasters in a blind tasting.

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From 25,00

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Uncover the mystery behind each coffee

Each Mystery Coffee Box contains different coffees in the GROUNDtoENJOY format that offer a unique experience in each edition. It is not just a blind tasting but a fun activity full of surprises, and a sense of thrill. Let yourself be surprised, scan the QRcode and discover all sorts of interesting information about each coffee.

Contains: 6 coffees from different roasters

How does the Mystery Box work?

Each edition, new coffees will be featured in the Mystery Coffee Box. Reserve your sensory journey to discover new European artisan roasters by the 28th of the month.


How to uncover the mystery?
Train your senses in this blind tasting by trying to identify the notes, country of origin, and processing method.  Some will perhaps be able to distinguish the signature of the master roaster! To reveal the mystery, scan the QRcode on each GROUNDtoENJOY sachet and find out all the details about these coffees.

How to get a specific coffee ?
Did you like any particular coffee and would you like it to accompany you for the whole month? Thanks to the link contained in the QRcode you can easily reach the online shop of the roaster where you can buy this coffee in larger quantities, in beans or in the GROUNDtoENJOY format.

Collaborative Project

The Mystery Coffee Box is a collaborative project in which Essense and many artisan roasters unite their strengths to build together a new approach to specialty coffee and brewing methods.

Find out more about the project here.


GROUNDtoENJOY is our concept: coffee from the best artisan roasters already ground for each of the brewing methods, dosed for a single brewing and packaged under a protective atmosphere to guarantee the freshness and aromas in a completely recyclable package.


Everything is calibrated for optimal extraction. Just open the bag and start a new brewing experience like no other.


Discover why GROUNDtoENJOY is practical, fresh, traceable and, sustainable on its dedicated page. Find out more


How to pre-order your MYSTERY COFFEE BOX?
1. Choose the brewing method by clicking on the icon of the preferred coffee maker.
2. Set the desired quantity.
3. Click on add to cart

Remember that each edition has to be ordered by the 28th of the month and is shipped together with all other orders to reach every participant in the first days of the next month. Shipping is free in all of Europe with MYSTERY coupon!


How to use GROUNDtoENJOY?
Each GROUNDtoENJOY dose is ideal for a single brewing.
Everything is calibrated for an optimal extraction.


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